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Actions & Services

The Toolbox by THCC

it’s the Community Spirit

Finance Accounting

  • Gouvernance / CFO on demand

  • Coaching of the Manager

  • Accounting and fiscal mandate

Sales & Marketing

  • S&M diagnosis and action plan

  • Marketing assistance / segments

  • Yield & Revenue Management

  • Finance research

  • Channel Optimization

  • Due Dilligence

  • Sales representation mission

  • Search for the best insurance

  • Outsourcing of Sales Manager positions

  • accounting & tax strategy

  • Negotiation with distributors & OTAs

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Web & Distribution

  • Outsourced Community Management

  • SEO SEM referencing

  • Free website diagnosis

  • Distribution advice (channels)

  • Techno assistance and training.

Real Estate

  • External human resources management

  • Payroll management

  • Corporate and Leisure Trade Shows

  • Preliminary study

  • Brooking and establishment search

  • Use of The Hotels Place website (OFF MARKET market)

  • Website creation and optimization

  • Assistance and advice to maximize visibility


  • Pre-opening studies

  • Assistance with opening and relaunch

  • Transition management (all departments)

  • Outsourcing of operational monitoring / management

  • Supervision and support

  • F&B assistance, recruitment, etc.

  • RSE (mise aux normes)

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