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The TOOLBOX launched by THCC

THCC was created in 2012 by expert hoteliers in France, Switzerland and USA.

The Hotels Consulting Company - Boston (THCC) is primarily a Community and Hotel Owners Network and decision makers, allowing its members to use a platform of Experts.

THCC helps hoteliers and offers, externally, all the necessary services for Owners (Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, F & B, Accounting & Finance, HR, Operations, Management contract ...), in order to optimize their overall profitability ... and to optimize their GOP / RBE

THCC has more than 80 independent expert consultants ready to respond to hotel requests.

THCC connects directly:

A. Decision makers / hotel owners
B. Freelance consultants and experts (specialists-generalists)
C. Hospitality partners (providers  / suppliers)

All are validated by the Board and covering all the operational and managerial needs of independent hotels.

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